Saturday, December 06, 2008

Departure Lounge

I actually had an epiphany during this trip: driving through eastern Colorado, looking out at vast, flat, snowy fields, I could actually understand why some people might find the non-mountain portion of Colorado's landscape desolate and dull.

Not me, though. It just looks like home, beautiful if unforgiving. Wallace Stegner would understand how I feel (and presumably state it far better). As time goes on, itt feels more and more pressing to return here on a permanent basis. I'm happier here, and while some of that is simply because I am freed from a lot of the concerns and worries of day-to-day life, some is also because I'm more at home here, more in my element, more comfortable.

Most of the trip was family and friends, so not a lotta photos, and I forgot the camera's USB cord anyhow. Also in the "sometimes I suck" category: I brought five books to read on the trip. I'm halfway through one.

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