Monday, December 29, 2008

The Mighty Laid Low

It isn't easy being one of the PPA's chosen few hockey players. Milan Hejduk is a shadow of his pre-lockout self and has hinted at retirement. Tomas Kloucek has played a grand total of zero NHL games since the PPA started up. And Frantisek Kaberle?

Frantisek Kaberle has been placed on waivers.

I'm too upset to even copy-and-paste diacritics. I knew Frankie hadn't been having the greatest season, but I figured he'd snap out of it. I didn't think something like this would happen. You don't waive the guy who single-handedly powered you to the Stanley Cup. You don't waive the best defenseman in the history of hockey.

Let's take a moment and reflect on some happier times for Frank right here. I'm not entirely sure if the Hurricanes will keep him around if he's not claimed. I'd think that a recipe like that would have worked in his favor.

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Anonymous said...

This is the circle of life in the NHL. Team waives player, Lightning pick up player, Lightning waive player.

He is only playing his part.