Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sparta Praha, 1969-1970

Pretty cool of me to promise great things for this site, then drop off the face of the earth, no? Sorry. I'm (for reals) getting married in about two weeks and other duties have slid sideways, even when they involve Czech hockey.

This, though: I've been helping a fellow in the Czech Rep research HC Sparta Praha's past players, and in the course of that, ex-goalie Jaroslav Jágr (no relation, at least not close) sent me this photo. It's a copy, so the autographs aren't real, sadly.

Rundown: Front row, left to right - Jaroslav Jágr, Rudolf Šindelář, Pavel Wohl, Petr Lindauer, Petr Dohnal, Jan Bartoš

Middle row, left to right - Pavel Svoboda, Jiří Kochta, Jan Eysselt, Zdeněk Ujčík (coach), Přemysl Hainý (coach), Miroslav Beránek, Václav Černý, Petr Brdička

Top row, left to right - Karel Masopust, Václav Honc, Vladimír Müller, Jiří Adamec, Miroslav Kuneš, Jiří Nikl, Petr Kašťák, Pavel Volek

So, yeah, all the other brilliant stuff I have in mind will have to wait.

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