Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Plea for Assistance

I've put this out there in a few different places, but once more can't hurt (especially since I've had no luck):

I'm looking for extended/complete game footage from the two 1969 hockey World Championships matches between Czechoslovakia and the Soviet Union. The games were on March 21 and 28 of that year, both played in Stockholm.

There's some clips in this (Swedish?) documentary on YouTube, which suggests that more must exist. But I've contacted collectors in three different countries and experts at the Hockey Hall of Fame and IIHF, all with no luck.

(I'd actually be interested in any Czechoslovakian game footage from that tournament, but those two games are the crucial ones.)

Any help is greatly appreciated. Comment here or e-mail me at one of my million e-mail addresses (such as postpessimist@gmail.com) if you have any leads at all. Thanks.